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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Baby Gift Basket

This is my first attempt of putting together a basket. Inside is the baby blanket I made the other day and with a bouquet made of purchased onesies and a teething ring. This was a fun project I will do again with other gifts. Hmmm... who has a birthday coming up? How about Fathers day? I am thinking maybe a BBQ basket or a gadget pack or .................

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cuddle Baby Blanket

When I was living in Hawaii I would see these flannel type blankets that were great for newborns to toddlers. Although there are variations this one is like what I remember seeing there. It is two layers of flannel sew together usually at least 20 inches square. This one pictured above is 24 X 39 inches. You use it to swaddle a baby or a baby blanket. It is just the right thickness for warmer climates when it cools down a bit in the evening. This is not a Hawaii print but with the palms and monkeys it give a very tropical feel to this blanket.

I did not use a pattern but just cut two pieces of the flannel the same size and the sewed them together. You can go a simple as you like or more elaborate as shown in the second link. I am planning on sewing more when I find flannel on sale and have them ready for gifts.

Make a Baby Blanket

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