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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Three Broken Sewing Machine Needles Later

This beaded trim I was given to make a one of the skirts with has really became a challenge. I tried zigzagged sticking and straight on the side but ended up breaking three of my sewing needles on the machine (it has metal beads) and tearing it out two times because I did not like the bunching I got. I ended up finishing by hand stitching but still not happy with the results.

I like to have a finished edge and this is one way I do so when I am not using a French seam or some other technique. I sew any seams that are going to be pressed out or any stay stitching with my serger. This creates a clean, nice, professional look edge to prevent any raw edges from fraying. It is also more durable than just serging the seam.

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