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Friday, March 20, 2009

Aromatherapy & Uplifting Shower Gel

I really like scented shower gels but really have to be careful on the contents of any of scented products in the stores with my sensitive skin. I started using aromatherapy to make my own candles, scents for the house and cleaners but have started making scented shower gels. So far I have not mix up my own batch of shower gel but that endeavor will likely take place after I have finished using up the gel that I have been using. Tonight I experimented with a few essential oils to make two very different shower gels. I wanted a flowery scented gel so I added a 2 parts rose essential oil :1 part lavender in one of the gel. This produced a lovely rose that is toned down a little with the lavender essential oil. The second scented gel was made with 2 parts Mango essential oil to 1 part orange essential oil. This made a wonderful mango orange scent. I almost cannot wait to take another shower. I now just need to decide which one I will decide to use first.

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