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Monday, March 9, 2009

Simple Cell Phone Charger Stand

I needed a place to charge my phone that would look nice and keep the charger, extra batteries and other chargers stored when not in use but did not not want to purchase one for the amount I have seen for sale at stores. This is the solution I came up with and I hope you might find the idea useful too .

First I looked for an appropriate box or container. I really wanted it to have a slanted top so it took some looking around to find something that would work. I finally found a wooden unfinished pine box that was really for recipes storage at a local crafts store. Perfect!

After you have found that perfect box you will need to drill holes where the cords need to come out of the box. In this box I drilled two holes, one in the back and one on the lid. The picture below shows the top hole already drilled and the picture below it shows where I marked the box for the back hole.

After you have drilled holes in the appropriate places you will need to sand the holes smooth and sand entire box. This box I had only needed to be lightly sanded except were the pencil marks were. I had to sand a little bit more so when you mark your spot do not mark too dark.

Now to the fun part .

Although I stained my box you can paint yours. I can think of all kinds of designs you could use for this project. I used a walnut stain on mine by dipping a clean cloth in stain and gently wiping the box. I then let then let the box dry until not tacky anymore.

Now that the box has been stained I put 2 layers of polyurethane finish to protect the box and give it a finished sheen. This was a quick drying clear gloss. The more layers I applied the glossier the box would had became.

The finished cell phone charger stand in now complete and I can put batteries, chargers and cords inside and have my phone on the top while charging.

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